c a m e r o n ü b e r a l l e s ?

the bloated toad of brown is down but not out. not yet.

and so, it would appear that the masses are, yet again, drawn inexorably to anything bright and shiny; and in politics there is nothing brighter, or shinier than the promise of change. spurious change it may be but the very word holds within it something that requires no measured weighing of the facts, no examination of policy or intent. it’s the sociopolitical version of ‘out with the old in with the new’.

change was powerful enough to get a black man elected in america, i would argue a very positive thing indeed, but it’s influence over populations is not an exclusively moral one. the tyranny of change is instead utterly blind. look at the idolatry that was laid at the feet of shit-eating-grin blair.

the allure of change lies in the concept itself and exists in a parallel world to that of logic, a world where the motto is ‘this isn’t working, try the polar opposite’; where the only thing of value is the about-face, the 180◦. the eternal promise of the utopia within the u-turn.

at the time of posting there are more tory wins than there were in the time of kinnock. the hounds are howling on the horizon and the foxes are getting nervous…

time, people, to get the blues.


1 Response to “c a m e r o n ü b e r a l l e s ?”

  1. 1 itllallendintears
    May 8, 2010 at 1:35 am

    I don’t think it’ll let me post an image…

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